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wrnextgen's Journal

World Refugees: The Next Generation
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Sometimes, you hear this voice in the back of your head. Not one of those crazy ones, either; this voice is just a rational whisper that refuses to be ignored. It tugs at the back of your mind, stimulates your imagination, and makes you wonder. It begs to be entertained, and sometimes... Sometimes, you just can't help yourself.

What if...?

Two simple little words. They're the ones that make you regret your decisions, or just make you curious. What if this happened? What if you'd done that instead? How different would things be? How would the world you know change?

Now's your chance to find out.

Game Info

World Refugees: The Next Generation is a sort of side story for the main World Refugees canon. Here, Refugees past and present can test out their futures, or that of their children, or canon characters.

In order to play here, you must be accepted at World Refugees Final Mix. You can look into that at wrfinalmix.