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[log] - Oh dear...

{ooc: A little bit after THIS point in Lorelei's intro.}
Aria never thought she'd see Radiant Garden again so soon. Not that almost fifteen years was soon. Seph checked to make sure Rainbow's End was still standing once in a while but, that was pretty much it. Coming home to find Lorelei missing nearly sent her into a panic though. A few hours were spent checking her usual spots and calling her friends. Seph looked just about ready to start tearing the universe apart looking for her.

She'd been asking about this place a lot though. If she wasn't here Aria didn't know what to think. The worst came to mind of course.

"What if she isn't here?" Seph interrupted her thoughts to ask. There was no expression on his face, almost no emotion in his voice.

"...We ask for help," she replied hesitantly.

They were getting some odd and occasionally hostile looks as they walked towards Rainbow's End. Seph had never been popular here. It was just too much to hope that people would drop the ridiculous grudge after all these years.

"Ask for help? After disappearing for almost fifteen years?" Seph replied. They were nearly there by this point.

"...They've forgiven worse," Aria said after a thoughtful pause. Thinking about the kinds of things that have been forgiven was not really good for her state of mind at the moment.

"We're here," Seph announced. Thankfully, that interrupted Aria's train of thought.

They both hesitated at the door though, still reluctant to make themselves known.

[ log ] Meet Lorelei

[The girl stood awkwardly a short distance from the home known as Rainbow's End. Her brown hair was hidden by the hood of her long, black cloak. Her green eyes were visible, almost seeming to glow in the shadows.

Really, she should have thought this through better. Running away to find out about her mother's past seemed like a good idea at the time but, now... The idea of talking to all the strangers her parents called friends... Even if they hadn't spoken to any of them in almost fifteen years.

They were trying to protect her she knew but, keeping her a secret from the only people they might have called family was a little extreme. This Maleficent person couldn't really be that dangerous, could she?

She pulled her cloak closer. Really, she must look like some sort of creeper standing there staring at the house. She should just go in. No one could hurt her there. It was a safe place... where her parents told her to go if anything ever happened to them. She just had to go knock on the door and, well she didn't know what she would do next but, it would help her understand. Wouldn't it?

One hesitant step closer was all she managed several minutes later.

[ Log ]

Ray waited patiently in the Great Maw for her student to appear. A glance at her watch told him he was already a few minutes late, but that was alright. She'd sort of sprung this session on him, anyway, so he probably knew what was to come.

Well... he'd know part of it, anyway. She had a couple of tricks up her sleeve for this particular little test, and she couldn't wait to see how he handled them.


[Log] Eli & Larkin

Eli climbed a little farther up into his favorite tree before peering through the leaves. The seven-year-old let out a sigh of relief at the empty field in front of him. Good, she hadn't followed. If Larkin tried to kiss him one more time today, he was sure he was gonna to turn into a toad. Or a bug. Or- His face wrinkled up in disgust. Maybe I'll have to marry her. Ew, yuck. Cooties were bad enough.

He'd just hide up here for a little while, until he was sure she'd gotten distracted by something else.

Rules and Guidelines

The community may be called "The Next Generation," but that doesn't mean it's just for second-generation refugees. Future versions of the current refugees are always welcome; it's what this comm is for!

Any format of post is acceptable here, including journal-type posts or logs - just be sure to tag it correctly. Logs can be action or prose, depending on your preference.

If it's been decided that a particular world does not exist in World Refugees canon, it does not exist in your future, either.

THIS IS NOT THE CRACK ROOM. There will be no multiples of anyone in these time lines, nor anything else that might be too crazy for canon. That stuff goes in refugeescrack. Confused about whether something counts as a future or if it's crack? Drop a comment here and ask.

We'd say no godmoding, but that really just depends on the future and how things go in it. That said, ultimate weapons and refugee limit breaks? If it makes sense in context, go for it! There will still be no Keyblades for refugees or their children, however.

As for KH/FF/Disney canon characters, there will likely be only one of these per future. You aren't limited to one player of the character, however. That's up to the muns.

AND TAGS. All future tags will have an asterisk in front (*Bad Future A) and all character tags will have no specific marks. Make sure your posts have both of these, particularly the future tag. We want to attempt organization here!


Future List

This is, as stated in the subject, a list of futures for organization's sake. Each differing future will have its own tag, and every post taking place in that particular time line will mark it as such.

In the comments of this post, write a summary of the future you're introducing with the tag name as the subject line. If there are any particulars that need pointing out - who's dead or alive, who's a villain or hero, who's married whom, etc - do so there. If the summary takes more than one comment, start a comment thread. You can also use comment threads to make updates to the future based on any development that occurs.

This may also be used a plot post, if so desired. Just like with questions, make your suggestion under the appropriate comment thread.

If there are any questions regarding a future, ask its creator here in a reply to their comment.